Bri Reddick
Santa Barbara, United States
We found love in a hopeless place. These lyrics are the first things that come to mind when I think about the pandemic. Despite the backdrop of death, sickness, and hopelessness, I managed to rekindle relationships that I thought were severed for life. My dog of 10 years died during the pandemic. I thought I could never love another animal again. But then we got Bailey, (pictured with my mom in the first image) and he opened my heart up. I also started to write again during the pandemic. I found my niche and realized that people cared about what I had to say. The second image is the artwork of the piece I published in Womanly Magazine. I also found romantic love during the pandemic. We moved cross country together and I have the love I always dreamed about having. And lastly, I began to appreciate the outdoors. Growing up in Florida, ecological devastation stamped my childhood and made me fear nature. The pandemic gave me the time and space to rekindle that relationship.