Olivia Gaston
Goleta, United States
Near the start of the pandemic I reentered an extremely toxic relationship with my, now, ex-boyfriend. Leaving school and moving back in with my parents left me feeling very isolated. I missed my life in Isla Vista along with all of the people who were in it. I made the decision to get back together with my ex during a period in my life where I, along with everyone else in the world, was feeling very lonely and just wanted a companion again. To no one's surprise, the relationship ended terribly. So now not only was I alone, but I was heartbroken too. My mental health plummeted and I was left feeling completely helpless. It was during this time that I discovered my spirituality and the healing power of crystals. I began buying and learning about different crystals, journaling, doing shadow work, and meditating. This sparked my journey of self discovery and healing. Slowly, but surely, I regained love for myself and the universe. I continue to practice my spirituality and work with my crystals and have found peace in my life again.