Omar Lezma
Long Beach, United States
I remember I was so excited to hear that finals were cancelled and that spring break was being extended by a week, but as the time past the gravity of the situation really set in and it was clear that this was no celebratory matter. I struggled a lot with the transition to online learning, but being back home allowed me to connect with my family in a time where we needed it most. My great-grandma passed away in May 2020 and the funeral was held in Mexico; I didn’t attend, but most of those who did came back positive for COVID-19. So much of the family was sick, and everyone began to recover one at a time, but my grandma wasn’t so lucky. She passed in June 2020 after a month in the hospital and it was devastating for all of us. So much time has passed since then, and we’re all trying to move on but a part of me still feels like she’ll be back once the pandemic is over. It’s a hard reality to come to terms with, but I’m thankful to have a support system as wonderful as my family.