Frida Richards
Santa Barbara, United States of America
A temporary space of solitude during the pandemic. After being sent home from school in March 2020, I was grateful to be able to stay with my parents during this time. However, I felt that I lost aspects of my privacy and agency over my daily life. Switching between staying with my dad and staying with my mom and her boyfriend, I deeply missed the feeling/ state of “adulthood” that I had at school. Also, my dad had to move twice during the pandemic, adding to his and my own feelings of insecurity and instability. This tree stump and the nature surrounding it were in the backyard one of my dad’s homes, providing me with an area in which I could be outside and by myself. I would sit here and take the opportunity to reflect on my worries (such as the virus and my mental health), and what I was grateful for (such as my physical health and the ability to live in a positive environment despite missing the feeling/ state of “adulthood”). Additionally, I was able to be outside during a time in which it was scary to do so because of the rapidly spreading virus. I am grateful for this space I was able to occupy for a short period of time.